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We are excited to offer Elementary Band & Orchestra for the upcoming 2021-22 school year!

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Elementary Beginning Music - Parent Orientation 2020

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First Lesson

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Advanced Band & Orchestra

Week of September 7

Week of September 13

Beginning Band & Orchestra

Week of September 13

Safety Protocols for In-Person Music Lessons

We will be following all CDC / LADPH guidelines as we resume In-Person music lessons:

  • All BAND classes will take place outside

  • Students will keep their masks on at all times

    • BAND students will ONLY remove their masks when playing

  • Students will be socially distanced and spaced out as far apart as possible

  • Students will each have their own music stand and music to avoid sharing of materials

Benefits of Music Lessons

These are unprecedented times and our kids need activities to participate in more than ever. Joining one of our outstanding Performing Arts Ensembles will give your student opportunities that will help them in countless ways.

    • Improve reading skills, increase vocabulary, and language ability

    • Develop listening skills, aural awareness, abstract thinking, and imagination

    • Increase memory skills, builds concentration, and attention span

    • Build social skills, self-discipline, patience, and improve behavior

    • Stimulate and strengthen the same part of the brain needed for math and reasoning.

    • Build confidence and emotional growth and make a happier child

    • Music performance teaches kids to deal with nerves and stressful presentation situations like interviews

    • Children who have music lessons score higher in their SATs writing, math & science and higher grades in general

    • Music lessons develop the skills that provide a firm foundation for learning