Oak Avenue Ensembles


    • Band I
    • Band II
    • Band III


    • Orchestra I
    • Orchestra II
    • Orchestra III

Jazz Band

Oak Avenue offers a number of instrumental music opportunities for students of all musical abilities!

Our entry-level ensembles, Band I and Orchestra I, do not require any music experience and are designed for students who wish to learn how to play a new instrument. Students who already play a band or orchestra instrument may audition for one of our intermediate- or advanced-level ensembles.

Our intermediate-level ensembles, Band II and Orchestra II, are for students who already play an instrument, read music, and would like to learn to play their instrument at a more advanced level.

Our advanced-level ensembles, Band III and Orchestra III, are our highest performing groups and perform regularly at school functions and community events.

Auditions for Bands II & III and Orchestras II & III are held by Mr. Smith and Mr. Taylor at the end of each school year for the following year. Students who are interested in additional music opportunities can also audition for our Jazz Band.

Please contact Mr. Smith or Mr. Taylor if you have any questions about which ensemble would be right for you.